You are Most Welcome to Join Scientist R Academy

Why join the Scientist R Academy?

We offer many benefits and opportunities for anyone interested in Natural Sciences, Applied Sciences, and Social Sciences, whatever your career stage. We’re invested in supporting our members, helping them to connect to our active community, and there are many opportunities to get involved and shape our work.

Key Benefits:

  1. Opportunity to be on the expert panel of Scientist R Academy

  2. Research job placement option

  3. Discounted fees on research workshops and training undertaken by SRA.

  4. Progress in World Research. – Annual publication stating the recent development in research, upcoming research opportunities, lists of new publications, conferences and their outcomes and so on.

  5. Free access to an online research database.

  6. Opportunity to showcase your research in an annual research report - Progress in World Research.

  7. Regular alerts of the upcoming research scholarships, funding, and research opportunities.

  8. Discounted registration fee for the annual researcher’s meet.

  9. Research networking

  10. Opportunity to be part of Researcher’s Retreat at discounted fees.

Scientist R Academy Membership Plan

For 1 Year                                        Student:   700 INR or 20USD        Others:     1500 INR or 40USD       

For Life Time                                  Student: 4000 INR or 60USD      Others: 7000 INR or 80USD