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Dr. Roshama

Education is the important area which teaches us everything in the life to achieve success and personality to maintain and sustain in the environment. Scientist R Academy Charitable trust aims affordable education for poor and middle class people in the rural area. Trusts vision is to take all poor people towards scientific world by providing scientific based education. Our chairman believed that multitalented and active teachers are the backbone of our modern society, thus he started with online coaching at start and further different education assets. Education for the under privileged was his priority which led to the beginning of a SRA English school (CBSE Pattern). He believes that change is constant and each and every child has to push themselves as per changing times. He started his journey of excellence which showed him failures, depressions, social barriers and many more so but he learned from all this points and moved ahead with efforts, patience, persistence and perspiration. 

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Our Mission & Vision

As an education trust, we are completely focused on providing a stress-free, safe, secure, loving, hygienic, and comfortable environment for children, students as we truly believe it is only then, that children will be encouraged and motivated to being proactive and confident to learn and interact well with each other and everyone around them.

We are Focusing on reducing the education inequity by providing highest quality educational opportunity to Indian society. 

Evolution of SRA Trust 

SRA trust was established in 2020 for education and social development. SRA trust started first You Tube Channel for Life Science students entitled "SRA Channel" and subscribed from more than 20 different countries. Further, SRA trust started SRA Coaching for ICAR-NET and CSIR NET and SRA Publishers. SRA trust helped more than 2000 tribal students in North and west India.

In 2021, SRA Trust started SRA English School (CBSE pattern) with more than 100 students in rural area. 

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